Bridgeway Sneak Peek Showing!

Come join us Friday March 6th @ 7:30pm at Bridgeway Christian Church for a sneak peek of the final cut! So many of you backed the film and were actively involved with it… we want YOU to get the chance to check out the final version! CLICK HERE for more info, and to buy tickets!

Test Screening – You are invited!

Join us for a test screening on In God We Trust Thursday, January 8th @ 8pm at the Tower Theatre in downtown Roseville, CA. Spacing is limited – there are 150 seats available, first come, first serve. This is your chance to give us input and help make this film even more amazing! RSVP online here.


Production kicked off today with a great day of shooting! We will be continuing over the next 20 days, working to bring this fantastic story to life! DP Johanna working with Camera Assistant Jacob McGrew. The crew working together to make the scene. DP Johanna and Director Kevin Haskin working out framing. Sneak Peek shot! DP…

Rehearsals & Shoot Dates

We are getting very close to our shoot dates! Our actors are hard at work rehearsing scenes with the director to get blocking down and the scenes ready! Check out some pics from today’s rehearsals.

Incredible Talent Added!

We’ve added a TON of incredible talent to the cast of IN GOD WE TRUST!   Emily Trnka Grace Matayoshi Rachel Finerman Elvie Jules Belson Owen Larson Madeline Perez Aubrey Calapp Joshua Nowell

New Casting Announced!

Bowman R. Wells Introducing Bowman R. Wells! “In God We Trust” will be Bowman’s first film role. He will be playing one of the bullies who torments the character of JACOB, for his religious beliefs. Rest assured, Bowman is nothing like the role he’s playing! He’s a great kid and we look forward to his…