Ali K

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We are so excited to announce singer/songwriter Ali K as one of the featured artists on the IN GOD WE TRUST soundtrack! Ali K will be writing an original song for the film.

Though her journey seems typical of a Christian singer/songwriter, Ali K’s story is far from what one would expect. For two years, Ali struggled with suicidal thoughts in the midst of a seemingly endless depression. She suffered the deep pangs of brokenness and forgotten hope, and attended church week after week with no answers from God. Her downward spiral became so intense that she cried herself to sleep night after night and wished for God to let her die.

Then, one night, in the pit of her loneliness, God heard her cries—but He did not give her the answer she was looking for; He gave her so much more than that. He reached into her life and rescued her from the emptiness and despair. He blessed her with a renewed strength and instilled in her a vision for a new life with a glorious purpose: to write music telling her story and of her beautiful Savior to bring hope to the broken and the lost.

Ali-headshot-webAnd so, that is exactly what Ali K has done. Her alternative pop acoustic sound shines as brightly as her mission: to reach everyone she can with the gospel of Christ and inspire others to use their gifts and talents for the Kingdom of God. Ali K’s story is a story of love, restoration, and most of all hope. It is a journey that has affirmed Ali’s constant need for her Savior, and has proven God’s desire to work all things for the good of those who seek Him. It is a story that motivates her to change the lives of others and give hope to the hopeless in the best way she knows how: through song.

It is with this mission in mind that Ali K has just finished her latest project, her first EP titled, “Love Will Light The Way”. Ali attends Bridgeway Christian Church in Rocklin where she leads worship. When the Sacramento resident isn’t writing or playing hope-filled music, Ali spends her free time bringing hope to the hopeless by raising awareness to stop sex-trafficking by volunteering and performing at benefit shows, partnering with local ministries/organizations. She is currently working on a project with Eric Owyoung aka Future of Forestry (who produced for Kye Kye, Hillsong United) that will be released in 2014.

With lyrics that radiate with the kind of inspirational hope that can only come from a rejuvenated heart, mind, and spirit, Ali K seeks to spread the message of Christ to the world. God didn’t just give her a talent, He revealed her true calling. “Without a story there is no music,” Ali K says. It is her prayer that God uses her personal story of hope to transform the lives of all who will listen from the inside out.

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Download a free song from Ali below, and be sure to check out her EP on iTunes today!