Casting Announcements!

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We are THRILLED to be announcing the cast for the film, IN GOD WE TRUST! We had a great turnout of talented actors for auditions, and we are confident and excited to be working alongside everyone that was chosen!



Cynthia Speakman

Cynthia is a very experienced Film, Television and Theatre actor.  Her years of life experience, numerous roles on stage and in front of the camera have molded her craft into something special. We look forward to her training and experience to bring the starring role of “SANDRALYN” to life!


Martin Noufer

Martin has participated in over 50 productions, including producing and starring in Kejo Productions last film, “I Was Broken.” Martin is already in full swing becoming “RONNY” for the film!


Michele Hillen

Michele is the Director of Education at the Sacramento Theatre Company and has acted in many television and film projects. Her experience and passion will be evident in the role of “LILY”


Ricardo Cabral

Ricardo has played the lead role in several Theatre Plays and Films, as well as lending his voice to several online gaming characters. Aside from his many accolades in the craft of acting, he is also a musician composing over 75 songs. Ricardo will play the role of “BERNARD.”


Ashley Goodnough

Ashley has been acting since 2000 and has been in seven theatre plays and seven films, playing the lead role in half of each. She’s a super talented actress with great instincts and we are looking for to her interpretation for the role of “CRYSTAL.”


Jet Harper

Jet is an up and coming actress from Berkeley, California. She’s played the lead in several Theatre and Musical Theatre Productions, most recently as ADEL in the 2014 Independent Theatre Project, “Self-Torture and Strenuous Exercise.” Jet has accepted the role of “MACY” for “In God We Trust,” and we’re proud to have her aboard!


Ally Boulous

Although only acting for a short time, Ally is wonderfully talented and blessed. Not only can she act, she is a gifted writer and poet as well. She blew us away with the original monologue she wrote for her audition. This young lady has a bright future, and we are lucky to have her.

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