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IN GOD WE TRUST deals with the estranged yet comedic relationship  between a lonely widow, Sandralyn, and her son, Ronny, a talent-less  actor, who no longer has time for his mother. Unfortunately too often,  parents and children lose touch, but Sandralyn isn’t giving up on her  son no matter how much he ignores her. After many failed attempts to get  Ronny’s attention, Sandralyn invites two drifters over to her house for  dinner, forcing Ronny’s hand.  During the visit, the strangers catch  light of a valuable family heirloom and Ronny begins to sense they might  not be as innocent as they appear. As the night unfolds and the days  follow we learn, true colors rise to the surface, trusting God’s plan is  imperative, and a mother’s resolve is nothing to take lightly!

“In God We Trust” is a film all about – the complex and important dynamics between adult children and their parents. It’s a heartfelt comedy that deals with the relationship between a mother and son, her trust in God, and the lengths she will go to, to keep her together.

Penny“In God We Trust” is a collaborative project start to finish. This will be the fourth feature film from Kejo Productions, with writer/director Kevin Haskin and producer Jo Haskin.  Joining the Kejo team will be partners Nu Artifact, Bridgeway Films, and 54 Films. This group has come together under a shared passion and goal; to tell compelling stories through high quality films.

This movie is our ministry. We’re all working together to produce not only a moving film, but also a small group curriculum to help people dig into the truths and lessons in the movie. And we need your support to make this happen. We will be keeping crews small and budgets low, enabling us to raise the funds needed to create the film ourselves. This allows us to maintain creative freedom and keep the quality and integrity of the film and message in tact.

You can help us fund “In God We Trust” by donating today! Every dollar helps, and we’ve created some awesome rewards for all of our backers. Please like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, and support us however you can. We want this to be a community project, created locally with a potential global impact.what cryptocurrency is worth miningprofessional writer service

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