Kevin is award-winning writer-director. Three of his screenplays have been made into feature films, and all have received worldwide distribution (Hannover House, Lionsgate and CMD Distribution). He studied Journalism (Graphic Design) and Marketing receiving a B.A. from California State University, Sacramento. Kevin has written over 20 screenplays, and made a living as a screenwriter, producer and director for the last ten years. He recently wrapped a five-month gig writing for Ricky Schroder Production’s reality TV show “Starting Strong” season 2. Kevin’s most recent film faith-based drama, “I WAS BROKEN” (2013), has made distribution deals with Parables TV and even more recently, received worldwide distribution through CMD Distribution. Kevin will be directing his screenplay “In God We Trust,” Partnering with Bridgeway Christian Church’s BRIDGEWAY PICTURES, NU ARTIFACT and KEJO PRODUCTIONS. The future is bright in God’s Light.  



          Martin, an award-winning executive producer, has produced, executive produced and acted in over 50 productions (film, film shorts, music videos and stage-plays). He executive produced “The Real Revolutionaries,” a full-length feature documentary about the origin of Silicon Valley. Martin led the initiative from its inception; he conceived the idea, raised the money, and teamed with one of the top documentarian companies on the planet (Academy Award winning writer Mark Monroe and Diamond Docs). The movie premiered and won Audience Award for Best Documentary and Special Jury Prize for Cutting-Edge Vision at Silicon Valley’s Cinequest Film Festival and has been licensed by The Smithsonian. And most recently, Martin produced and starred in, “I Was Broken,” where he worked with KeJo Productions to secure a worldwide distribution of the film through CMD Distribution. 

            • JO HASKIN


              Award-winning Producer Jo Haskin has produced close to 100 hours of television, film and digital content for such networks as Animal Planet, National Geographic, Fox, History, USA, The Travel Channel, MavTV and Hallmark for such shows as Treehouse Masters, Dangerous Waters, Food Paradise and Building Wild. She joined Ricky Schroder Productions in 2011 and has produced 20 episodes of the U.S. Army reality series, Starting Strong, U.S. Army Chaplain Public Service Announcement and contributed to the second highest rated Hallmark film, Our Wild Hearts.   

                • LANCE HAHN

                  SENIOR PASTOR/ACTOR

                  Lance Hahn has been the Senior Pastor at Bridgeway Christian Church in Rocklin, CA for over 15 years. He has long been a supporter and enthusiast of films, and understands the importance and power of medium. His heart is behind quality storytelling that explores the human condition and shares the truth of God’s love and salvation.

                  In 2012 Lance partnered with Kejo to produce the study guide materials for the film, “I Was Broken.” From there the partnership with Bridgeway Films was formed. Lance has lots of experience in front of the camera, both in acting and as a teacher and leader. He and his lovely family reside in Folsom, CA.

                    • CYNTHIA SPEAKMAN


                      Cynthia is a very experienced Film, Television and Theatre actor.  Her years of life experience, numerous roles on stage and in front of the camera have molded her craft into something special. We look forward to her training and experience to bring the starring role of “SANDRALYN” to life!

                        • JOHANNA COELHO

                          DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY

                          Johanna was born and raised in France where she studied the craft of cinematography at a technical school, followed by filmmaking classes at the University La Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. Seeking to enrich her European approach with the American perspective, she moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and is now a cinematographer graduate from the prestigious American Film Institute.

                          Outside of her studies, she has worked as a cinematographer on a number of projects, including narrative films award-winning, music videos, PSA award-winning, TV shows, commercials, interviews and documentaries.

                          She also had the chance to work with great talents, such as Guillaume Depardieu, Carmen Chaplin, Linh Dan Pham, Jacques Nolot and Bernard Le Coq.

                          She has been passionate about creating and experimenting with meaningful images since a very young age. Inspired by the Impressionist and Surrealist movements, she is always trying to find a way to communicate real life ideas in an original way. She loves the challenge of giving life to a story, defined by the resources available, working with the beautiful association of creativity and technique.

                          She loves to say she is a visual psychologist : her role is to understand and interpret the emotions of the characters, to create for them the best visual atmosphere to act in.

                            • RACHEL CLARK


                              Rachel Clark grew up in the world of production and media, as the daughter of television engineer at the first Christian television network in the United States.  She caught “the bug” for production and storytelling at the age of 15, was able to train under some of the most talented and standup people in the business. She graduated from California State University, Chico with a Communications/Media Arts Emphasis Degree and has worked with a variety of organizations, ministries, and non-profits nationally and internationally ever since.

                              Most recently, Rachel served as Director of Communication Arts at Bridgeway Christian Church, her home church. She led the media, communications, and arts charge for over 8 years as the church grew from 300 people to over 4300 people. She’s currently the owner of 54 Films, where she works with her partner and husband, Dave, helping people tell their stories through film, design, and consulting. She is also a producer and editor on the upcoming film, “In God We Trust,” in partnership with Kejo Productions, Nu Artifact Films, and Bridgeway Films (a ministry of Bridgeway Christian Church.)

                              Rachel and Dave reside in Northern California with their two miracle children. (Literal miracles… ask her about it sometime!) She enjoys family adventure days, longs for time to sketch, and is currently obsessed with way too many good books. She has just come to accept the fact that she is, in fact, a full fledged adult (something about getting more excited about the cheese aisle then the candy aisle at the grocery store.)